James Bay has revealed Beyonce was his big childhood crush.

James Bay

James Bay

The 27-year-old singer has admitted he used to have a thing for the 'Crazy In Love' pop star - who is married to rapper Jay Z - and he has hailed her musical influence as "otherworldly".

Speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, he said: "My childhood crush was Beyonce. She is very free and freeing, not to mention beautiful. She plays by her own rules and defies any sort of depressing stereotype. She is what every great pop star should be - a superhero and other-worldly."

Although Beyonce is his fantasy woman, James - who admitted he would love to work with the 'Drunk In Love' hitmaker in the future, along with the likes of Lorde and Feist - has been with his childhood sweetheart Lucy Smith since they were just 17.

The rocker has described Lucy as the "greatest champion" of his music.

He opened up: "I have been with my girlfriend, Lucy Smith, since I was 17 - we're coming up to 10 years together. Lucy was one of the kids in town and part of our gang. She works as a music promoter in London and is my greatest champion."

Although their love was "blinding" when they were young, he admitted they have "faced problems" as they grew up and saw the world together.

However, after nearly a decade by each other's side James can see a family in their future - but he isn't quite so set on the idea of marriage.

He explained: "I definitely see a future with kids in it. I'm not so big about marriage, I guess, because I am not a religious person. You know deep down when you're with someone you want to be with for the rest of your life."

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