Jameela Jamil doesn't want to be "famous anymore".

Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil

The 'Good Place' actress has hinted she has turned her back on fame and the showbiz world, as she revealed she would like to be a writer one day.

She said: "Look at my career. It's been one giant f**k-it bucket. I was on TV, didn't like being on TV because everyone was telling me I was dumb and good looking and therefore I should only wear fashionable clothes and never try and be funny. So I was like 'F*** this, I'm going to go where no one can see me. I'll go on the radio.' After the radio, I was like 'I want more. I want to try something new. I want to go and be a writer. I don't even want to be famous anymore. I want to be a writer.'"

And the 34-year-old actress and presenter has also made tracks into producing too.

Speaking on Thanks A Million with Angela Scanlon, she added: "And so I moved to America to go and do that, accidentally end up on a really massive show, turns out to be a global hit, which I didn't expect. Now I'm moving on, writing my first book and producing my own content, and I started by own company. I just keep going from risk to risk to risk. Failure is often, almost like guaranteed because of my lack of expertise, but I just keep going for it because I'm like, women in particular have really been just shoved into these tiny coffins where we're told 'Right, what you are right now is what you're going to be for the rest of your life. And these are your parameters and you stick within them. And if try and step outside of them, then you're Oliver Twist. You want more?' Like yeah, I f****** want more."