Jada Pinkett Smith admitted race "always" caused the end of her relationships with white men.

Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith

The 47-year-old actress - who has children Jaden, 20, and Willow, 18, with husband Will Smith - has dated Caucasian guys in the past but the romances never lasted because they had "no idea" about oppression and she always had different views on the subject to her partners.

Speaking on her 'Red Table Talk' online show, she said: "I have dated some really wonderful white men but it was interesting in that you're dating someone who has no idea what oppression is.

"He's at the top of the food chain, he doesn't understand. It's a very hard thing for him to be able to relate to. It was always the factor in the relationship that made it break."

And the 'Girls Trip' actress admitted to changing herself around white women because she feels judged by them.

She said: "I'm always feeling like in a certain way, white women are looking down at black women in a certain matter - like, they're angry, they're mean."

Ellen Pompeo was the guest on this week's show and she opened up about her mixed race marriage to Chris Ivery - the father of her three children, Stella, nine, Sienna, four, and 23-month-old Eli - and the 'Grey's Anatomy' star urged women to make "different friends" of all races.

She said: "There's a section of the population that truly feels like opportunities are going to be taken away from them by people of color, by anyone that's different from them.

"People of colour are magical and mystical and powerful and beautiful and spiritual and strong and excellent at what they do. There's so much power and talent.

"One thing I do think that would be productive for everybody to do is just try to make different friends.

"I have a lot of black friends and I have a lot of white friends, I don't see my white girlfriends have black people in their life, from what I can see."

Jada agreed: "I feel like it's that authenticity that needs to happen, the willingness to break bread."