Former White Stripes singer Jack White has a "zebra head" on the wall at his home.

Jack White

Jack White

The 'Seven Nation Army' rocker is a taxidermy enthusiast and collects dead animals as a hobby and one of his favourite items is the black and white head of the horse-like animal, whilst he also owns an elephant's head and fully-stuffed hyenas.

He is quoted by the new issue of National Enquirer as saying: "I've got a zebra head, two gazelles, an eland, a kudu and a giant white elk. I feel like a rescuer."

Although he enjoys picking up the vintage pieces, Jack has never hunted an animal himself and is opposed to the killing of wild animals for sport.

He added: "I've never hunted. I don't think I ever could. But I really do love animals and I love taxidermy. There's a beauty to it. There's a majesty to these animals that I want to preserve."

The 44-year-old guitarist has a passion for "beautiful things" and he also collects man made gadgets and art from the 19th century.

He previously said: "I just love beautiful things. I've a lust for life through objects and through the history of man's objects. Especially through the 19th and 20th century. I think when commerce meets art, and art meets the industrial age, the things that we create to sell to other human beings is so funny. I just love it."