Jack Osbourne has opened up about missing his family during the coronavirus lockdown, saying it is “tough” going without seeing them properly.

He told the PA news agency that it was difficult not knowing when his children “will be able to hug their grandparents” Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne again.

The reality TV star added that going without seeing them is “almost like running a marathon, the first few miles are tough and it’s just kind of tough rolling over”.

Osbourne said he is “trying not to over think it” because “who knows” when he will be able to see them next.

“I can go over to the house and stand outside while they talk to me with the door open but it’s just tough,” he said.

Ozzy is “doing good” after he revealed earlier this year that he has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Osbourne added: “He’s just bored, he was going to go back in the studio and start work on another album, and that got all shut down, especially because his producer, he got Covid, and yeah, he’s had a really hard time with it.”

A new programme, which sees the Osbournes watch Jack on TV as he conducts paranormal investigations, airs later this month in the UK.

Watching With The Osbournes: Portals To Hell airs on Really on Saturday June 13 and is available on dplay.