Jack Black "embarrassed" himself during his first meeting with Cate Blanchett.

Jack Black

Jack Black

The 'House with a Clock in Its Walls' star has confessed he went red faced when he saw the actress and told her how much of a "huge fan" he was and thought at the time that he would love to work with her one day.

Speaking on Live with Kelly and Ryan, he said: "We did meet one time, at a party on the night before the Oscars. On the way out, you can get a gift bag if you want to, so I always feel a little embarrassed about it, 'cause, you know, 'Here comes Jack Black with a Prada bag filled with creams and lotions! And I go to the valet parking, and who's there? My favourite actress in the world, Cate Blanchett! I'm like [in his head], 'Don't see me with the Prada bag. Jack Black, with a Prada bag filled with lotions?' I was like, 'I'm so embarrassed right now.' I told her what a huge fan I am of hers, and she's like, 'Thank you', and I thought in my mind, 'Maybe someday we'll work together,' but I didn't want to say it 'cause it would."

Jack found it "a really cool experience" working on the movie.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, Jack said: "I never read any of the books by John Bellairs but I did read this book once I got the part. I loved the script and I wanted to read to book to obviously tell you that I have read the book and also to see what differences there were and the sorts of material. And it's a magical book and it's a really fantastic script adaptation because the guy who did the adaptation, Eric Kripke, fantastic writer and he loved this book so much he had been wanting to do an adaptation since he was a kid and read the book for the first time so it was a really cool project and a really cool experience for me."