Ronan Keating has become "like an Irish mammy".

Storm and Ronan Keating

Storm and Ronan Keating

The 42-year-old singer - who has Jack, 20, Missy, 18, and Ali, 14, from his first marriage and two-year-old Cooper with pregnant wife Storm - has admitted life as an older dad is very different to when he had kids in his 20s and now when the older children visit him, he loves nothing more than filling them with food.

He said: "I was 22 when I had Jack - a kid myself. It was very different because how you raise kids depends a lot on the mother and their preferences too.

"I have an amazing relationship with all my kids but life is very different for me now.

"Storm is an earth mother and together we keep things as simple and grounded as possible at home. To balance out the privileged lifestyle we get to live we're very hands on in the household and with Coops.

"These days when my older kids come over, I'm obsessed with cooking for them. I'm like an Irish mammy!"

Storm - who met Ronan in 2010 - feels "lucky" that Ronan's children have always been welcoming towards her.

She told Britain's OK! Magazine: "To be honest, when it comes to the three big kids, I got lucky.

"They were only young when I came into their lives and they were amazing. They adored their dad and they also knew I adored and prioritised them too, so I wasn't a threat."

But the Boyzone singer admitted he and his wife didn't want to "rush" having a baby together because they didn't want to upset the "balance" of their blended family.

He explained: "Originally, we were concerned about having a child because we didn't know if that would upset the balance we'd built. So we didn't rush it. We gradually evolved over the years as a family and then, when the time did come, it wasn't a surprise and everyone was really excited."

Storm added: "We were already a family but having Cooper bonded us even more. Cooper is very lucky to have such adoring older siblings."

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