Iggy Pop pees in bushes.

Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop

The 'Lust For Life' hitmaker prefers not to use his own toilet at home, and instead relieves himself in the grounds of his own property, director Brendan Toller - who interviewed the singer at his Miami house for new documentary 'Danny Says' - has revealed.

Speaking at a screening of the film, which is about music manager Danny Fields, he told the New York Post newspaper's Page Six column: "Iggy has a little house/recording space in Little Haiti. We spent two hours with him . . . I had to use the bathroom and he said, 'You can either use the bathroom or you can do what I do -- which is [pee] in the bushes.'

"So I pi**ed in Iggy's bushes and he did the same as we left.

"That's my last image of him: Him [peeing] on his lawn."

Iggy, 69, isn't the only star to have unusual toilet habits.

Fatboy Slim - whose real name is Norman Cook - recently confessed to refusing meals at the Glastonbury festival in a bid to avoid having to use the grim bathroom facilities at the iconic event.

He said: "Hunger is good on stage. Once we did four days at Glastonbury without any food passing our lips. But it was partly a scientific experiment to see if we could avoid using the toilets."

And Lily Allen was forced to relieve herself on a motorway after being caught short while out in her car.

She even shared a picture of her public urination and added the caption:''6m p**s (sic)''

While many of her followers saw the funny side of the updates, others were not impressed, with one writing ''grow up'', another adding ''grim'' and one user sarcastically commenting ''classy''.