Iggy Azalea would only leave Los Angeles to live on a "magical private island".

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea

The 30-year-old rap star was born in Sydney, Australia, but relocated to the US during her teens and she now doesn't have any intention of ever leaving the city.

Iggy - who left Australia in order to pursue her ambitions as a rapper - wrote on Twitter: "Unless I’m the owner of a magical private island in the tropics I’m never moving outta LA again. (sic)"

The blonde beauty topped charts around the world with her 2014 hit 'Fancy', which also featured Charli XCX.

And Iggy previously admitted she wasn't properly prepared to cope with the intense scrutiny that followed.

She said: "I really wish there was more of an infrastructure within the music industry to make sure that the artists have people they can go to.

"Like physical therapists in sports. The teams have people looking out for [players], that make sure they’re okay in every element, and the music business doesn’t have that - they just throw you out there. You get used to it and you’re still successful, but it’s a lot to deal with.

"I wish it was more normal to say, ‘You’re about to be in an extreme situation, and this is a person we have over here if you want them, and here’s their number to talk to them, they’re already there for you’ - instead of feeling like you’re at the brink before you can bring it up."

Iggy also found it tough to deal with the criticism that came her way.

She said: "It’s hard to separate trolling from legitimate criticism.

"When you get thrown into the deep end, you have a natural inclination as a human to defend your character. There were times, in retrospect, where I was way too defensive ... where there was so much coming from every direction that I just didn’t have the ability to pick through what was valid and what wasn’t."