Iggy Azalea thinks she's a "lazy b****".

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea

The 30-year-old rap star has admitted via Twitter to having motivational issues and while she doesn't think it's stopped her from achieving her ambitions, she still believes she's "lazy".

Iggy - who gave birth to her son, Onyx Carter, in June - wrote on the micro-blogging platform: "not gonna lie sometimes I feel demotivated as hell.

"Im not saying that stops me from doing anything.

"im just saying.

"im a lazy b***.

"hi! (sic)"

Iggy released her debut album,'The New Classic', back in 2014.

And she previously admitted that the success of her chart-topping single 'Fancy' helped to change her life.

She said: "In every possible way [it changed my life]. Some bad, some good.

"I can't walk down the street anymore, and I have to be very selective when I grocery shop. I went from having nothing to having everything I could possibly want. It's weird. It's almost scarily easy to quickly forget that you had nothing."

Iggy moved from Australia to the US during her teens in order to pursue her music ambitions.

But for two years prior to her big breakthrough, the rapper could barely afford anything.

Asked if it was true that she only had one pair of shoes to her name, Iggy shared: "I did, and the leather would wear off and I would colour them in with a marker to keep them looking black.

"I'm doing a shoe collaboration with Steve Madden now - when I first came to America I thought the Steve Madden brand was the pinnacle of high fashion, because the shoes were $200. And I thought, 'Who the f*** has $200 to buy shoes?'"

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