Howard Stern is to re-marry his wife following an impromptu proposal.

Howard Stern

Howard Stern

The 65-year-old radio DJ has asked his significant other Beth Stern to tie the knot again on multiple occasions because he "loves the proposal", but she "always says no" as she thinks it might "jinx" their relationship.

But Howard popped the question to Beth - who he first married in 2008 - once again during 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', and his proposal was accepted.

Speaking to Jimmy about one of his previous failed proposals, which occurred when the pair were having dinner at the chat show host's house, he said: "I'm talking to Jimmy and I said, 'You know, it's embarrassing but I have asked my wife to remarry me.'

"We got married 11 years ago, but we've been together like 20-something years.

"I said to Jimmy, 'Watch this, I'm gonna say to my wife I want to marry you, I wanna propose and I'm gonna say remarry me again.'

"She always says no, because she thinks it's jinxed if you get married again. But I love the proposal.

"It's so great when I propose to my wife she gets embarrassed. Honey come up here, I want to propose."

The audience began to cheer for Beth as she made her way up to the front, and Howard got down on one knee.

He told her: "Darling, you know you have given me the best years of my life. I love you so much. You do so much for animal rescue. You know how I feel about you.

"I'm gonna say to you now in front of all of my best friends, my sweet love, will you marry me again?"

She responded "yes" and the happy couple enjoyed a romantic embrace.

Lat month, Beth admitted she had been a "nervous wreck" for the past six months due to a cancer scare after finding a growth which she later discovered was a benign tumour.

She wrote: "I went in for an annual mammogram 6 months ago and they found 1/2 inch growth that needed to be rechecked in 6 months. Today was my recheck and it didn't increase in size. I was a nervous wreck for the past 6 months.

"A very dear friend of mine recently had a double mastectomy so this was extra sensitive. Mine fortunately hasn't grown and is just a Fibroadenoma. I just want to tell all of you amazing women out there..get your yearly mammograms.... [This is] a little dose of reality and i think you are all important and worthy and want you to be here as long as you can... love you all. #loveourboobies #ourmenlovethemtoo Thank you, Dr. David Agus (sic)."