Howard and Beth Stern got remarried on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Monday (14.10.19).

Beth and Howard Stern

Beth and Howard Stern

The SiriusXM host and animal rights activist married 11 years ago but agreed to do so again after Howard re-proposed on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' last week and were thrilled to exchange vows again on the daytime talk show, in a ceremony officiated by former 'Bachelor' star Colton Underwood.

A delighted Howard said: "Beth and I are 'Bachelor Nation'! It's our favourite show, I'm not messing around!"

Howard and Beth then exchanged new vows, which had a reality TV twist.

Howard said: "I vow if I marry you, I promise for the rest of my life to watch 'The Bachelor' with you in bed every night. And 'Bachelor in Paradise'."

The pair sealed proceedings with a kiss and the 65-year-old DJfollowed Jewish tradition by smashing a glass before his 48-year-old wife threw her bouquet into the audience.

Howard has been asking Beth to remarry him for years but she has declined because she fears it might 'jinx' their relationship and he admitted he was shocked when she accepted his impromptu proposal last week.

He recalled on 'Ellen': "I go on Jimmy's show and I thought it would be funny if I propose to show him how she will turn me down.

"I got on one knee, I said 'Darling, I love you.' I thought it'd be great, she'd get big laughs. And she said yes. I don't know why, it ruined the bit!"

Beth revealed that she was unaware of the role she was supposed to be playing.

She said: "I didn't know I was part of a bit where I was supposed to say no. I'm learning that for the first time."

She then paid tribute to her husband, calling him 'so romantic.'

"He's the most romantic man. Every day he tells me how beautiful I am. He knows I'm very insecure. And every day, he tells me he wants to remarry me."