Dame Helen Mirren is enjoying getting old and is not nostalgic for her youth at all.

Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren

The 73-year-old actress wants to live her life to the full and has no interest in going back to relive her earlier decades.

Speaking to the new issue of Grazia magazine, she said: "I don't want to die young, so I'm going to get old. To stay engaged in life, stay curious, to stay with a sense of learning, constantly - those are the things that, if you like, stay young ... When you hit each age, you have new things you don't want to let go of.

"If someone said they would wave a magic wand and you could be 30 again, but you have to be 30 as you were when you were 30? You can't have all the stuff you e got now? Well, you'd say no. when you really think about it you'd go, 'No, actually, I want to be who I am."

Helen is one of the faces of L'Oreal Paris and praised the brand for offering a "diverse, realistic representation" of people.

She said: "it's extremely annoying to women of my generation to have beauty products sold on a 15-yeae-old face ... All of these fences have slowly broken down. And I think what L'Oréal have done is they have truly embraced it.

"They've incorporated different ages and genders, they've incorporated race, they've incorporated disabilities.

"A diverse, realistic representation of people - an authentic selection of who we all are. It's why I'm proud to be an ambassador."

But the 'Red' actress isn't a fan of the term "beauty" in the cosmetics industry.

She explained: "The minute you use the word 'beauty', people who feel they are not beautiful are excluded. They'll think, 'Well I'm not beautiful. It's all very well for these beautiful women but I don't feel beautiful.' I don't want to exclude these people from feeling fabulous about themselves."

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