Heidi Klum says her fried spaghetti recipe is something that is common in Germany.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum

The 48-year-old supermodel sparked outrage when she posted a video on her Instagram page of herself cooking a pasta dish, but frying off the spaghetti strands after boiling them, rather than draining off the water and serving straight away which is the traditional method.

Heidi appeared on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' and was quizzed by the host about the meal that caused such an outcry on social media.

She said: "I love Italy so much and when I was posting this, I was thinking they will never let me back into Italy ever again. But we fry spaghetti in Germany, this is something my mom always used to do … I just thought maybe it’s a leftover thing."

After seeing the social media reaction to her dish, the 'America’s Got Talent' judge came to the conclusion that it was unique to her family but her German husband Tom Kaulitz told her that he has cooked spaghetti in the same way

She exclaimed: "Don’t be dissing my fried spaghetti!"

Heidi admits that pasta and french fries are among her favourite foods but she avoids eating carbs all the time in order to maintain her envious figure.

She previously said: "I'm not huge on carbs, even though that's probably one of my favourite foods - french fries, pasta, all that stuff.

"But I try to stay away from that. I eat healthily. We make smoothies every morning with any kind of fruit and carrots. Not with powders or anything like that."