Gwendoline Christie says 'Game of Thrones' has "changed [her] life".

Gwendoline Christie via Instagram (c)

Gwendoline Christie via Instagram (c)

The 40-year-old actress played Ser Brienne of Tarth in the hit HBO show - which came to a dramatic end on Sunday (19.05.19) - and has posted a sweet thank you note to her co-stars, crew, and fans of the show for giving her a "phenomenal opportunity and incredible support".

Posting a picture of herself and a member of the show's crew embracing, she wrote on Instagram: "THANK YOU. There is no other way to start this. @gameofthrones has changed my life beyond anything I could have comprehended. Playing Brienne of Tarth has redefined the way I look at the world, women and particularly myself. I have never felt so exposed by a character, but happy knowing that those feelings of discomfort were about shaking off convention and embracing strength and authenticity.

"This photograph was taken on my very last day saying goodbye to my friend Ciaran, he worked on the show from the beginning as an AD and was the first person I met on 'Game of Thrones' - he treated me with respect, kindness and great humour every single day. I shall miss seeing his smiling face in the misty dawn mornings, warmly welcoming me to set. I shall miss everyone that gave so much of themselves helping to create 'Game of Thrones'; it was a privilege to work with such talented creatives, cast and crew.

"I am just so very grateful for this phenomenal opportunity and the incredible support that you've all given me, all your kind words and cheer - it truly means a great deal to have been part of something so many of us have loved. My heart aches with how much I will miss Ser Brienne of Tarth. But what she has inspired I will take with me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. (sic)"

The sweet message comes after she previously admitted "bored" people with her tears at the end of filming.

She said: "I have been telling myself for years that it will end and that I have to be prepared to let go.

"When it came to the final episode, I got through it and I felt fine all day.

"But, when it came to the speeches, I finally went to pieces and couldn't stop crying for two hours.

"People got bored with me in the end, but I got it out of my system."