Guy Ritchie must ensure he protects barn owls within his plans for shooting parties at his country home.

Guy Ritchie

Guy Ritchie

The 51-year-old director is building temporary luxury cabins to house guests at his £9 million 1,200 acre Ashcombe Estate in Tollard Royal, Wilts, but council officials have told him he must take certain measures in order to protect the birds, which roost in the grounds.

The 'Gentlemen' filmmaker must put up two boxes specifically for the owls to nest and also seek permission before installing any lights that could scare away wildlife.

And the cabins must be removed after two years as if they were a permanent fixture, there would need to be an investigation into its effect on bats.

According to The Sun newspaper, the local council said: "No external light fixture or fitting shall be installed on any of the temporary buildings or within the application site until a detailed lighting plan has been submitted to and approved in writing."

Guy also has a brewery on his estate and Adrian Peskin, the head brewer at Gritchie Brewing Company has previously praised the 'Sherlock Holmes' director for his interest in his business venture.

He told the Morning Advertiser: "We're driven by Guy's love of beer in a particular style, English bitter.

"It's a style that suits the local market too. He's not someone who's easily swayed by the latest trends.

"Guy is emotionally attached to the brewery. He frequently visits to keep up to date with any new developments - and he's always very happy to help out with 'quality control'.

"We like to discuss different beer styles as a team and we have a fridge on-site so we can collectively review new styles and formats."

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