Gigi Hadid has called for America to unite following the Presidential election.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid

The 25-year-old model has welcomed the news that Joe Biden is set to replace Donald Trump in the White House, and she's also expressed her pride at seeing Kamala Harris becoming Vice President-elect.

Gigi wrote on Twitter: "JOY. RELIEF. PRIDE!

"A NEW DAY. A NEW CHAPTER! More voices have been heard than ever before [ballot box emojis] A president that will work to serve all Americans, whether you voted for him or not, toward a UNITED America !! & THIS COUNTRY’S FIRST FEMALE VICE PRESIDENT (sic)"

Mandy Moore also welcomed the news of Biden's election win.

The 36-year-old actress posted an old photo of herself and the rest of the 'This Is Us' cast alongside the politician on Instagram.

She captioned the snap: "Our cast had to honor of attending the SuperBowl in 2018 and I remember asking him if he was going to run and save the country. He didn’t give an answer per se but remarked with a trademark smile. Thank goodness that day has come and we can exhale and start to heal as a nation. This election has shown us there is MUCH work to do but today we celebrate. Tomorrow we dig back in..... #bidenharris2020 (sic)"

Meanwhile, Reese Witherspoon hailed the election result as a "monumental day".

The Oscar-winning actress hopes Kamala Harris will serve as an inspiration to women across the country.

She said on Instagram: "Today is a monumental day. No matter what side you are on, let's take a moment to recognize how far women have come in this country. Thinking about all those who shattered glass ceilings and paved the way for a woman to * finally * be Vice President of the United States makes me so emotional. Sojourner Truth. Harriet Tubman. Shirley Chisholm. Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Kamala Harris. I salute them all. And to the young girls of our nation... DREAM BIG. Anything is possible. (sic)"