Geri Horner is "quite introverted".

Geri Horner

Geri Horner

The 48-year-old singer became a global star with the Spice Girls in the 90s, but Geri insists that her real-life self is markedly different to her public persona.

She explained: "I’m quite introverted. But we all have our Batman suits."

Geri - who has Bluebell, 14, with Sacha Gervasi and Montague, three, with husband Christian Horner - thinks the British public ought to feel "proud" of itself for its handling of the coronavirus lockdown.

Asked if she was stoic about the lockdown, Geri told The Times newspaper: "Stoic is such a beautiful word. I’ve got that book The 'Daily Stoic'.

"Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all be that steely? But I’m human. Still, this year showed us that we’re made of good stuff. We should be proud of ourselves."

Geri also admits that motherhood has changed her outlook on life.

The chart-topping star - who has been married to Christian since 2015 - said: "My children have given me so much joy. But they have challenged me as well, having a 14-year-old daughter ... I can’t even say in case she kills me. I’m very mindful that the teenage years are a period where support and sensitivity is needed."

Geri feels that raising a young boy has proven to be a completely different challenge.

The singer explained that caring for her son has been a more physically demanding experience.

She said: "He’s delicious and funny and extremely high-energy, so the physicality of that has been very different to bringing up a girl."

Asked if she finds the job exhausting, Geri - who was an outspoken advocate of "girl power" during the 90s - jokingly replied: "Yes, my mother said I should have had my children the other way round!"

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