Geri Horner has claimed her return to the Spice Girls was inspired by a horse.

Geri Horner and her horse Beauty

Geri Horner and her horse Beauty

The 46-year-old singer quit the band in 1998 but reunited with them in 2007 and again last year and she admitted it took her beloved rescue animal Beauty to help her regain her courage to get back out on stage with the 'Viva Forever' hitmakers.

Speaking on 'Beauty, Courage, Freedom…', the new episode of her online show 'Rainbow Woman', she said: "I gave my life 100% to music. And then when I got to my thirties, I found it so difficult because the teenage bravado had run out and I wasn’t sure where I belong.

“When I found Beauty, I got my courage back.

“[When I’m out there] I’m no other identity other than just a woman on a horse feeling brave – that’s it. And sometimes it just feels amazing to feel that.

“Stepping out on stage with the Spice Girls again, I felt, ‘You know what? It’s alright’. The feeling of wanting to connect, the feeling of freedom and joy was greater than the fear. And I think Beauty taught me that.”

The 'Mi Chico Latino' hitmaker - who has daughter Bluebell, 14, from a previous relationship and son Monty, three, with husband Christian Horner - will share a new single, 'Travelling Light' on her YouTube channel on Tuesday (24.11.20) and she revealed the song is one of her "favourites" that she's ever written.

She said: “It’s one of my favourite songs that I’ve written. It’s about changing, pushing through the darkness into the light. Ironically, I wasn’t travelling light when I wrote it. I was seven months pregnant, carrying an eight-pound baby walking up four flights of stairs to get to the studio.”

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