George Michael used to spoil his friends at Christmas time.

George Michael

George Michael

Martin Kemp and his former Wham! backing singer wife Shirlie Kemp were close friends with George - who passed away at the age of 53 on Christmas Day in 2016 - and Martin revealed that George always treated his pals during the festive season.

He said: "We had loads of Christmas memories. The nicest thing was, every single year without fail for about 20 years, Christmas Eve, a man used to knock on the door from Harrods and two massive hampers used to be delivered and that was always his presents for all of his friends.

"It's all of that that you miss about him now he's gone."

Martin, 58, and his brother Gary, 60, also reminisced on the time George came to their parents' house in Bournemouth for Christmas dinner.

Speaking on the BBC Radio 2 show 'Family Rhythms', Martin said: "Down at mum and dad's in Bournemouth - he came down once for Christmas dinner. Sitting there with his Christmas hat on, joining in, pulling crackers.

"He just drove down for the day and his driver was waiting outside. Of course Mum took dinner out to him."

Meanwhile, Shirlie recently revealed she became scared of Christmas after George's death.

She said: "We were supposed to be with him on Boxing Day and it was just so ridiculous to get a call on Christmas Day to say 'your friend's died'. It really made me scared about every other Christmas."

Revealing what she misses most about George, Shirlie said it is his "beautiful smile".

She said: "His smile. He had the most beautiful smile. And his hugs. We always hugged. But I feel blessed at the same time, because I really felt loved by him and I know he felt loved by me."