George Clooney has missed being with his family in lockdown.

George Clooney

George Clooney

The 'Ocean's Eleven' star has enjoyed being able to spend time with his immediate family - his wife Amal Clooney and their three-year-old twins, Alexander and Ella - in lockdown but whilst he is missing getting to see his father, he feels lucky to have a home and "some security".

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times newspaper as part of an actor's roundtable, he said: "It’s been nine months mostly inside the house. I have three-year-old twins, so that’s been an adventure in a lot of washing dishes and changing diapers. My own, mostly. My father’s 87 years old and lives in Kentucky. So I miss being with my family. We have a great deal of gratitude for the fact that we were able to be in our homes and have some security, because there are an awful lot of people around the world that don’t."

Meanwhile, George previously insisted he is convinced we will "come out better" after a difficult year.

The 'Monuments Men' star said: "This has been a crappy year for everyone. Started badly and ran badly all year long, until recently … But I’m very lucky. I ended up having a successful career. I wound up living in a home with some space in it. We can walk around outside ...

"You worry about your immediate family, and at the same time you worry about all of the Earth ... It’s been a crappy year. It has. But we’re gonna get through it. I believe that with my whole heart. If I didn’t believe that I don’t know how we’d raise kids in this world. We’re gonna get through these things and my hope and my belief is that we will come out better."

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