Gary Lineker once tried Botox, with disastrous results.

Gary Lineker

Gary Lineker

The 59-year-old former soccer star admitted he regrets trying the anti-wrinkle injections as Botox left him unable to move his eyebrows.

He told The Sun newspaper: "I did try Botox once. I absolutely hated it. I'm quite expressive, then all of a sudden I couldn't move.

"It was on my forehead and I just couldn't raise my eyebrows. It was a really awful, weird feeling. Just urrrgh! Horrible.

"I had three months of feeling very self-conscious. Someone suggested it - I wasn't bullied into it - and it was quite a few years ago, so I don't mind admitting I tried it once."

However, Gary admitted Botox is not his only grooming regret.

He said: "I also tried dyeing my hair… and that was an even worse mistake. I looked even more ridiculous. That wasn't my idea, either. It was my old hairdresser's fault!"

Gary split from second wife Danielle Bux in 2016 and says he is currently single, with no plans to join a dating app.

He explained: "Yes, I'm very single, especially in lockdown. Even the sight of a female is very rare.

"But I've never been on a dating app and cannot ever see that happening. I've had lots of people sliding into my DMs but it's normally requests for plugging their book or their charity.

"I'm nearly 60! Who's going to slide into my DMs? My sons tell me that's the way they date nowadays - but that's fine, as they're in their twenties. I can't imagine it happening for me. It certainly hasn't yet, anyway."

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