Frankie Bridge has been getting "really bad withdrawals" after forgetting to order her anti-depressants.

Frankie Bridge

Frankie Bridge

The Saturdays singer forgot to order her supply of tablets over the Easter weekend and ran out of them and she admits she has been struggling with withdrawal symptoms and feeling "weird" as a result.

She explained: "Just before the Bank Holiday I realised I'd ran out of my anti-depressants and obviously I couldn’t get any until after the Bank Holiday was over. And I still haven’t got them, so now I've been getting really bad withdrawals. It's really weird, the only way I can describe it is you know that first thing when you have had a drink, and your eyes feel a bit funny and your head feels a bit numb and it feels like you’re in a bit of a dream? So I feel really out of it, like I can’t really concentrate on anything and I'm getting bad headaches, I'm tired, I'm feeling sick. Just really not feeling myself."

And the 32-year-old singer admitted she forgets to order them "all the time" so has decided to set a monthly reminder on her phone so she won't forget again.

Taking to her Instagram story, she added: "So they’re hopefully being delivered today, which will be five or six days that I've not been on them so I will take them as soon as they come. But I do this all the time. I've now set monthly reminders on my phone so hopefully I don't forget again."