Caprice has branded Covid-19 “evil” after her beloved grandma passed away from the virus.

Caprice's grandmother and the model (c) Instagram

Caprice's grandmother and the model (c) Instagram

The 49-year-old model has been left “numb” after her 91-year-old grandparent - who was like a second mother to her and her sister - passed away following a battle with the deadly infection.

The US star - whose full name is Caprice Bourret - revealed her grandmother was “healthy and “strong” before being diagnosed with coronavirus and was believed to be “on the road to recovery”, but the next day she sadly died.

Alongside a carousel of throwback pictures of her grandma, Caprice wrote: “Another sleepless night numb, crying, hurting. It ‘s raw I still dont believe it when I say it ... Covid just took my beautiful, brave Grandma to Heaven , it took her from us forever. We were so close. My Grandma and Nana looked after my sis and I after school when we were growing up mom had to work long hours to provide for our family. I just don’t understand the first day diagnosed with Covid her oxygen levels were compromised , fever, sleeping all the time .. we were worried. The next day fever gone , drinking a lot, eating and all vitals stable. Doctor said she was unbelievable he hadn’t seen improvements like this so fast . We thought she was on her way to full recovery. Next day Covid took my beautiful Grandma to Heaven. I can’t believe this is real . I can’t believe she is gone. It happened so fast I couldn’t say goodbye... and thank her for all her sacrifices and guidance and endless love. I know she knew this but I needed to tell her again. My beautiful GRANDMA was 91 , healthy, strong,a survivor. A force to be reckoned with. (sic)”

Caprice has implored everyone to take the pandemic “seriously” and stick to the government’s guidelines to keep their loved ones safe.

She added: “This virus is evil, it took her so fast . I know it is such a tough time for everyone but please take Covid serious... please follow govt guidelines .. please stay home.... you may be strong enough to fight it but what if you have it and give it to someone who isn’t as strong as you like my Grandma.. it is just devastating... just hurts so much ... I just think if we work together the faster we can save lives and stop the spread. My 7 year old son said something to me last night that was beyond his naive years ..he said mommy we have to take care of our planet and other people, if we don’t COVID won’t stop. It likes how bad some people are, that is why it is here. We need to help G-d because he is doing too much. The most powerful thing is our heart. We have to tell everyone this for Nana Sue. I am sharing this with you now for my special Grandma and my 7 year old son to honour my brave Grandma and share the devastation and danger of Covid. My beautiful Grandma is so special and so loved. I miss her so much with all my broken heart. G-d bless all who lost there loved ones. I am so very and deeply sorry (sic)”

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