Felicity Huffman feels like she's "failing as a mother" sometimes.

Felicity Huffman

Felicity Huffman

The 'Desperate Housewives' star admits she struggles to be away from her children - Georgia, 13, and Sofia, 15 - but wouldn't want to complain as she is incredibly "lucky" to have the job she does.

She told PEOPLE magazine: "First, I have to recognize how lucky I am to have to navigate these sorts of issues. I have a job that I love and a fabulous family that I love. But people always ask, 'How do you balance home life and work?' And I tell them, 'I don't. I just drop the ball all the time.'

"I try and fly back to Los Angeles every two or three days. But that can take a toll. Sometimes I think, 'I'm failing as both a mother and an actress.' But I do what I can to stumble forward joyously. And I'm able to fly home that often, so these are champagne problems, really."

Meanwhile, the 53-year-old actress - who has been married to William H. Macy for nearly two decades - previously admitted she was "scared" at the thought of tying the knot.

She explained: "I was so scared of marriage that I thought I would've preferred to step in front of a bus.

"I thought I'd disappear. Men's stock when they get married goes up. Women's stock goes down. Another thing, 60 percent of first marriages fail, 80 percent of second marriages fail."