Example flies between the UK and Australia every three weeks.

Example and Erin McNaught

Example and Erin McNaught

The 37-year-old musician and his wife Erin McNaught relocated Down Under with their sons Evander, four, and Ennio, 21 months, in April to be closer to the model's family, but his work is still largely based in London so he does some frequent gruelling travelling to juggle his personal and professional commitments.

Erin told Daily Mail Australia: "Between May and September, he's doing 12 return flights between here and the UK, which works out roughly every three weeks.

"On his next next trip he's away for five weeks."

The 37-year-old beauty admitted it isn't easy to spent so much time apart.

When asked how she is coping, she admitted: "I mean, there's not much you can do about it... he's working, he's making money and I'm holding the fort at home.

"Thankfully my parents live around the corner - but we don't have other help."

However, Erin has no regrets about relocating to Brisbane, even though she misses the UK, because she thinks it's a better lifestyle for her sons.

She said: "It's so good, it's so easy being here!' she gushed on Sunday.

"London is amazing, there's always something to do, but you're so confined by where you live. I miss the excitement of it - there's always something to do.

"But it's so nice for the kids being here, it is such a stress free lifestyle."

Just a week ago, Erin asked her Instagram followers for tips on dealing with the "strain" of spending so much time apart from her husband.

She wrote: "Any FIFO [fly in, fly out] ladies or gents with tips on easing the strain of time apart, please share! Thanks (sic)"

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