Example fears his fans won't enjoy music about his "happily married" life.



The 33-year-old 'Won't Go Quietly' hitmaker - whose real name is Elliot Gleave - has admitted he is not the "soundtrack" for his fans now he has become a father to 16-month-old son Evander, and is wary his records won't be as popular as the music he released when he was single.

Speaking to The Mirror newspaper about his music, the father of one - married his wife Erin McNaught in 2013 - said: "I became the soundtrack for people's nights out and weekends but haven't really been that for a few years now.

"All my songs before were about break-ups and should I commit? Should I stay out late and do drugs or should I stay sober?

"Then you get married and have a kid and people don't want to hear about Example being happily married. They want me to be miserable.

"People want festival bangers and songs they can get drunk to in the club or at a house party."

Meanwhile, the musician is currently presenting Channel 4's 'Supercars' television show, which sees him follow the lives of motoring super fans in a series of short episodes.

Speaking previously about how the project began, he said: "Channel 4 came to me, I think because they'd seen some of my car photos on social media and I've done a bit of racing and that, and asked if I'd be interested in presenting a new car show for All 4.

"The best way to describe it is looking at the different sub-cultures within the supercar world, like detailing, car-spotters, modifiers that sort of thing.

"There are bits of driving but it's more to do with the different people in the supercar world who form part of it.

However, the singer songwriter has revealed his first car was not as high tech as the ones featured on the programme.

He said: "A Vauxhall Corsa but it was actually my mum's but I drove it more than her. It was also the first car I crashed, I wrapped it round a lamppost trying to park too quickly. The first car I actually bought was an Audi RS5."

Supercars is available to watch on All 4 at all4.com/shorts

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