Evangeline Lilly has described the late Stan Lee as a "true rock-star" and a "legend", after he sadly passed away this week.

Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly

The Marvel Comics icon - who created or co-created many of the franchise's most popular characters - passed away in hospital on Monday (12.11.18) at the age of 95, and now 39-year-old actress Evangeline has shared a touching tribute, in which she recalled being amazed by the amount energy Stan had.

In a tribute shared by The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday (13.11.18), Evangeline wrote: "I didn't truly know Stan Lee. I typically connected with him at comic conventions where I would find myself utterly worn out and growing ragged or weary. It was usually around that time in the day that I would hear a stir in the crowd, and then watch a true rock-star electrify thousands of awaiting fans with the wave of his exuberant, 95-year-old hand. He delighted me every time. 'How does he have more energy at 95 than I do at 39?' I would ask myself.

"At a time when the world feels so tragic, I hope Stan's life and legacy will remind us, today, of the wonders and the hope that still exist among, and within us. I want to keep telling Stan's stories because I want to keep that spirit alive with him as I carry on angling to 'skid in sideways' to my bitter end with as much zeal and panache as Stan managed to. He is an inspiration to me. Live on, Stan. Legends never die."

Evangeline starred as Hope van Dyne and her alter-ego Wasp in the 2015 Marvel film 'Ant-Man' and its 2018 sequel 'Ant-Man and the Wasp', and is set to appear as the character again in next year's 'Avengers 4'.

Previously, the brunette beauty had taken to social media to pay her respects to the late comic legend.

She wrote in two separate tweets: "Stan...more than a master of stories, you always seemed like a master of living. I will look to you for inspiration for the rest of my life. You live on. xoxo Your Wasp

"I believe with all my heart that #StanLee would want to be celebrated today. Even through your tears, let's flood the internet with all the artwork, good, great or awful, that's ever been created in Stan's name. #BreakTheInternetForStan (sic)"