Evan Rachel Wood wants to "rise up" from her own experiences of domestic violence to help others going through similar things.

Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood

The 'Westworld' star - who was raped by a former partner twice when she was younger and was sexually assaulted by a bar owner - hopes that by talking about what she has been through, it will help others.

She said: "Many, many survivors will tell you that sometimes it can take a lifetime [to face up to the abuse]. In my case, it took me seven years to even cry about my experiences, because I did what a lot of people tell you to do, 'Just move on, just get over it, just be strong.' What I didn't realise is I had been deeply hurt and I was in denial of that hurt."

And Evan will gladly share her "truth" - even if it is "ugly" - because she wants to tell others they are not alone.

Speaking to The Today Show about the Phoenix Act, which has called for exceptions to the statute of limitations for domestic violence survivors, she added: "I'm saddened by the circumstances that brought me here. I wish that wasn't my story. I don't like that that's my story, but if my truth can move progress forward, I feel like now is the time to share that truth, even if it's ugly. That's exactly why I named it the Phoenix Act. You might be in the ashes, but you can rise up, and that moment for me happened when it became not about me anymore."

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