Evan Rachel Wood is "very proud" of 'Westworld'.

Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood

The 29-year-old actress portrays Dolores Abernathy opposite the likes of Ed Harris, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Luke Hemsworth and Thandie Newton in the new fantasy drama series and she is thrilled the show recorded HBO's biggest premiere ratings in nearly three years, drawing in 3.3 million viewers on Sunday (02.10.16).

Sharing a news story about the ratings, she tweeted: "Congratulations to the incredible & inspiring cast and crew of @westworld. Very proud. (sic)"

And Evan is excited for fans to see the rest of the series.

She said: "I can't wait for everyone to see the rest. That's just the beginning."

The actress hailed the show as "really revolutionary for women" and loved the fact she had no idea what twists and turns the story was going to take when she signed on.

She told EW.com: "It's a dream role. I really didn't know where the story was going. They didn't tell us what our arcs were going to be. I was just given vague hints.

"But the more the show went on and the more I got to know the character the more excited I became when I realised what they were doing.

"It's really revolutionary for women."

And Evan has enjoyed exploring all the different sides to her character.

She said: "It's so fun to play with all the different colours and the different modes, because when you're playing AI you just approach it completely differently. I read 'The Singularity Is Near' and watched TED talks and talked to futurists.

"I was like, "So how do I work?" It really did inform the performance. In her character she's this innocent prairie girl and damsel-in-distress princess, but underneath that she's a very advanced, intelligent, strong being. Playing the two layers was really fun."