Emma Bunton wants another child, but fears it could already be too late for her.

Emma Bunton

Emma Bunton

The 45-year-old singer – who is already mother to Beau, 13, and Tate, 10 – has revealed she would love to have a third child with her fiancé Jade Jones, but is worried it could already be too late for her to conceive naturally, because she is now perimenopausal.

Describing the symptoms of perimenopause – which is the body's natural transition towards the menopause – she said: “I started to feel unbalanced and anxious. At first I put it down to the pandemic. But then the anxiety became more regular, until it was daily.

“I was also lethargic. Something wasn't right. I looked up the symptoms and saw I had quite a few.

“So I spoke to someone on Zoom who came to the same conclusion. I was perimenopausal.”

And Emma is now coming to terms with the fact she may not have any more children, even though she feels “broody” whenever she sees her friends with their kids.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday’s You magazine, she said: “I thought, 'Is this the end?' It's been a very weird time. I'm a very mumsy person – when I see my friends' babies, I always become broody. But now I thought, 'OK, this is it.' ”

The Spice Girls star is now on a low dose of hormone replacement therapy and says she is undecided about having a third baby.

Meanwhile, Emma said last year she was thinking about expanding her family, because she thought she would “regret” it if she stopped at two children.

She said: "[Jade] would love to have more children. I battle with myself because I think obviously I would never regret having a child, but I might regret not having another child.

"But I'm 44 and with the Spice Girls coming back and with (her nappy brand) Kit & Kin doing so well, I've got two very healthy children and I think especially now if I had another child, I would be more nervous than ever. That scares me too much - I get frightened about everything.

"My kids want another one. On New Year's Eve we all sat around the table and I was like, 'Right, wishes for this year?' Both of them said, 'We would like another sibling'. No pressure. We'll see."

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