Emma Bunton suffers from working-mum guilt.

Emma Bunton

Emma Bunton

The 45-year-old pop star - who has Tate, nine, and Beau, 13, with Jade Jones - has admitted she struggles to balance the demands of her career with her responsibilities as a parent.

She shared: "As soon as your children are born, I didn’t realise I would get the strongest feeling of guilt. Am I doing the right thing all the time? Am I home enough? Am I at work enough?"

However, Emma loves her life and she hopes her kids take inspiration from her relentless work ethic.

She told the 'Not Another Mummy' podcast: "All those things go through your head but I love being a working mum. I love my kids watch me have this work ethic.

"I work hard but I also do make sure that weekends are precious. I love watching my little boy play football, my other little boy goes to dance classes.

"If I can be there for the important things, the simple things, the bedtimes, the storytelling, the cuddles, the kisses. I am so lucky."

Meanwhile, Emma recently invited Kim Kardashian West to join the Spice Girls for their 25th anniversary.

The 'Wannabe' singer was "shocked" when the 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star captioned one of her social media posts with her alias, Baby Spice, and she asked if the reality star would like to join the group to help celebrate the milestone.

She said: "I was sitting on the sofa, as you do, scrolling through Instagram, when I came across a picture of Kim Kardashian with her hair in pigtails and the caption saying ‘Baby Spice’. I mean, I nearly spat my tea out!

"Kim, I was thinking, 'OK so this year it’s the Spice Girls’ 25th anniversary and we definitely can’t have two Baby Spices in the band - I’m afraid not - but I’m sure the girls wouldn’t mind you joining! Hey? Let me know, and I’ll add you to the WhatsApp group!'"

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