Eminem's adopted daughter Alaina Scott has finally found happiness after "a lot of work in therapy".

Alaina Scott's Instagram post

Alaina Scott's Instagram post

Alaina - who is the rap star's niece by birth - celebrated turning 28 this week and has taken to Instagram to discuss her personal evolution.

Alaina - whose mother Dawn, the twin sister of Eminem's ex-wife Kim, died in January 2016 - wrote on the photo-sharing platform: "There’s no denying birthdays are my favorite. Yours, mine, everyone’s - I love a good reason to celebrate.

"Turning 28 today and I can’t help but love the person I am. It wasn’t always like this and it took a lot of work in therapy to get to this point but damn does it feel good. Feeling really blessed and lucky to be here. Ready for everything this year has in store for me [heart emoji]

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes, y’all are the best! (sic)"

Alaina posted several behind-the-scenes photos of her birthday celebrations on her Instagram account, including pictures of her cake and balloons.

Eminem - whose real name is Marshall Mathers - adopted Alaina when she was young and raised her alongside his biological daughter Hailie, 25.

The chart-topping rap star refers to Alaina as 'Laney' and has spoken about her in a number of his songs.

On the 2004 hit 'Mockingbird', he rapped: "Laney, uncle's crazy ain't he? / Yeah but he loves you girl and you better know it."

Eminem also referred his adopted daughter on his 'Crazy in Love' track.

The outspoken star - who was married to Hailie's mother, Kim, between 1999 and 2001 - rapped: "You are the Kim to my Marshall, you're the Slim to my Shady / The Dre to my Eminem, the Alaina to my Hailie."

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