Ellen Pompeo is determined to make sure her son knows it's okay to "show emotions".

Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo

The 48-year-old actress has 21-month-old son Eli Christopher with her husband Chris Ivery, and has said she is tired of boys being told to "be tough" and "to not cry", because she thinks all it does is create men with "fragile egos".

She said: "We raise our sons to be tough, to not cry, and not show emotion and what that does to men is creates fragile egos and then we have to spend the rest of our lives taking care of these fragile egos we created ... We need to teach our boys and raise our young sons to show emotions."

The 'Daredevil' star also has daughters Stella, nine, and Sienna, four, with her spouse - whom she married in 2007 - added that it's down to mothers everywhere to raise their sons to show emotion, so that their daughters don't "suffer the way we did".

Speaking to 'Access Hollywood' during an appearance at Marie Claire's Power Trip 2018 on Thursday (18.10.18), she said: "We have work to do ladies. We have a whole generation of young girls we have to make sure don't suffer the way we did. This is our job. This is our work. And I'm so here for it."

Meanwhile, Ellen is already working on raising her daughters to be strong women, as her eldest child is keen to become a doctor after watching her mother on the set of medical drama 'Grey's Anatomy'.

She said: "Every time she comes to set the first thing she wants to do is ... Linda Klein is our medical producer, wonderful woman, good friend of mine ... she just wants to go straight to Linda's office and play with all the medical things. All the fake organs.

"Yesterday I went in to find her, I couldn't find her, she was in Linda's office with Linda with a bone drill, drilling a fake femur bone with a real bone drill.

"I mean she was supervised, but you know they have her doing advanced procedures."

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