Elizabeth Hurley wears jeans nearly every day because her days of wearing short skirts are "long gone".

Elizabeth Hurley feels too old for short skirts.

Elizabeth Hurley feels too old for short skirts.

The 49-year-old actress admits she wears jeans almost every day because she no longer feels comfortable in more revealing garments.

She said: "I wear jeans pretty much every day. I love short skirts and shorts but those days are long gone for me."

The 'Royals' actress - who has 13-year-old son Damian with former boyfriend Steve Bing - loves ending the day with a relaxing bath and if she is feeling especially indulgent, she devotes entire evenings to her beauty regime.

She said: "Wherever I am in the world. I always end my day immersed in a deep bath full of Jo Malone oil.

"[On my dream day], I'd stay in and do a whole home beauty evening. Occasionally I'll put on a hair mask, anoint myself with oil and lie on a towel for a few hours reading a book. Bliss!"

The brunette beauty loves relaxing with a good book.

Discussing her perfect day, she told HELLO! Fashion Monthly magazine: "For lunch, I'd wear my newest, most chic dress and take the train to Paris where I'd read a whole thriller on the journey before eating a salade nicoise on the terrace at the Ritz."

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