Duncan James is "proud to be gay".

Duncan James

Duncan James

The Blue hitmaker insists he is incredibly happy with Rodrigo Reis as he confessed he didn't identify as gay man for years because of "issues" he had about coming out.

He wrote on Twitter: "I posted this pic on my Insta yesterday & couldn't get over the amazing response, comments and love from people. I didn't identify as a gay man for many years because of my own issues with coming out, but finally im happy in my skin & this guy next 2 me makes me proud 2 be gay. (sic)"

When Duncan posted the picture to Instagram, he praised Rodrigo for being "such a beautiful person inside and out".

He wrote on Instagram: "Cute pic alert!! Such a beautiful person inside and out. Thankyou @rodrigolopesreis for making me smile (sic)"

Duncan previously confessed he hid his sexuality for years for the sake of his daughter.

He said: "To be honest it was something I didn't feel comfortable sharing with the world but I thought doing a story was the right thing to do. After years of hiding the secret inside me I wanted to be who I am and I wanted acceptance. I carried this burden on my shoulders for years, I was worried about what the fans would think, family and friends, and I was living a lie really. I thought people would shout at me in the streets but I just had positivity. We celebrated Pride this month - it's so important for people to feel comfortable with who they are. I had a wonderful response from everyone. We're living in 2017 it shouldn't be a problem ... You know what they say, there's always a gay one in a boyband! It's normal now. But sportsman still have trouble and there's still a stigma in certain countries around the world."

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