Duncan James has become the first ever ambassador for I Have Cauda Equina.

Duncan James

Duncan James

The Blue singer and actor has been announced as the charity's celebrity representative and he can't wait to start work with the organisation in order to raise awareness of a medical condition that is not well known by the general public.

The charity announced Duncan's involvement on its official Twitter account, posting: "We are pleased to announce that the incredible

@MrDuncanJames is our first ever charity ambassador."

Duncan tweeted from his own account: "Feel very honoured to be your first ambassador for a charity close to my heart,


"Here's to helping create more awareness for #notjustabadback symptoms."

Cauda Equina Syndrome is a set of symptoms that are experienced when the spinal nerves are compressed in lower the back with the compression of these nerves inhibiting back function and cause severe pain for the sufferer and other symptoms, such as sciatica, bladder and bowel dysfunction, leg weakness and sexual dysfunction.

The nerve compression can be caused by a slipped disc, tumours, stenosis, cysts and occasionally injections or the result of an impact injury and if left untreated can lead to permanent disability.

Duncan, 42, developed Cauda Equina Syndrome several years ago after he suffered a slipped disc when he was wearing high heels for his role in stage musical 'Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

The disc was crushing his sciatic nerve and at one point things got so serious that he was told he "may not walk again" and may require a "colostomy bag for life".

The 'All Rise' hitmaker had an operation to correct the problem something went wrong and he had to go under the knife.

Recalling the medical emergency, Duncan previously said: "When I left hospital I was at home with my mum and I had these headaches. I was watching television when I felt something wet running down my back.

"My mum looked and said, 'Your scar is open and there's clear liquid pouring out of you.'

"I rang my surgeon, who told me to lie on the floor and to not touch it - it was a spinal fluid leak and if that gets infected it can cause meningitis. So two weeks after my operation, I had another."

After spending months on crutches, Duncan healed and is now living a relatively normal life.

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