Drew Barrymore sent Hugh Grant a letter of support after his 1995 sex scandal.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore

The 46-year-old actress reached out to her future 'Music and Lyrics' co-star following the 1995 incident - which saw the 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' star fined $1,000 and ordered to attend an AIDS education programme after he was arrested for paying prostitute Divine Brown to perform sexual acts on him in a public space - and he admitted she'll always "have a place in [his] heart" as a result.

Hugh made a virtual appearance on Drew's talk show on Thursday (20.05.21) and she asked if he remembered how they met, reminding him about the letter she sent before they'd ever crossed paths in person.

He exclaimed: "Oh my god, you did, you were so nice!" Grant remembered. "It was during the dark days of my Divine Brown scandal, I was just an idiot. I was a grown-up idiot who got caught by the police.

"I was back in England with 5,000 members of the press around the borders of my farm and I opened a letter, from you, that was very supportive and nice, and it was very cheering up and I thought, 'I love Drew Barrymore.' Words of support from an actress I didn't know in Hollywood was lovely, so, you will always have a place in my heart."

Drew explained she wrote the letter because she felt she could relate to Hugh after her own struggles growing up in the spotlight.

She said: "I loved you so much, that whole incident I related in my own life, and I think that whether it's an actor or politician or anything in between, we expect people to be infallible, perfect, never flawed, and God forbid we do anything in our personal lives that we would like to remain personal — but we don't have that privilege at a certain point because the cat gets let out of the bag — and I just had to reach out to you.

"I just appreciated you and you were just the most charming human."