Dolly Parton's husband "got a kick" out of her dressing as a Playboy Bunny for his birthday.

Dolly Parton wore her Playboy outfit for her husband's birthday (c) Instagram

Dolly Parton wore her Playboy outfit for her husband's birthday (c) Instagram

The 76-year-old singer surprised Carl Dean on his 79th birthday last July when she recreated her 1978 cover of the adult publication and donned the famous white tie and strapless black bunny outfit, much to his delight.

She said: "I thought, 'Well, I'll just go surprise my husband and just cook breakfast for him in my bunny suit.' He got a kick out of it, and evidently a few other people did, too!"

The '9 to 5' hitmaker has been married to Carl for 55 years and likes to "keep things spicy" by "dressing up" for her husband and always looking her best in front of him.

She told E!'s 'Daily Pop': "I like to dress up for Carl. Every day, I put on some make-up and fix my hair because I think, 'Well, the whole world, I'm out here and everybody else sees me all dressed up, and I'm not going to just kind of go home and just flop on him.'

"Nobody wants to make out with a slouch!

"It's important to me that I look as good as I can. I think it kind of helps keep things spicy."

However, Dolly admitted Carl doesn't always put in the same effort, joking there are occasions when she looks for the woman in her hit song 'Jolene', who she was afraid would "take [her] man".

She quipped: "Every once in a while I see Carl leaned back, snoring in his La-Z-Boy chair and I think, 'Where is Jolene when I need her? Come on, you can have him now!' "

The country legend confirmed the track is based on a famous woman - and she no longer feels "threatened" by her former love rival.

She said: "I can't say her real name. I saw her a few years back and she was broad as a barn, so I didn't feel so threatened anymore after seeing her. I thought, 'There's my revenge!' "

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