Dennis Quaid has finally responded to his wife's divorce petition - almost two years after it was first filed.

Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid

Kimberly filed for divorce, for the second time, in June 2016, citing irreconcilable differences and Dennis, 63, has just filed his response, nearly 24 months later.

Court documents obtained by The Blast show he is also citing irreconcilable differences, and lists the date of separation as June 27, 2016, the same date Kimberly filed for divorce almost two years ago.

And 'The Day After Tomorrow' star is seeking joint custody of their 10-year-old twins, Thomas and Zoe.

The legal protocol appears pretty straight forward and it seems the couple have been working out the details together since the official split.

The couple married in 2004 and Kimberly previously filed for divorce in 2012, but withdrew her filing a few months later when they reconciled.

Thomas and Zoe - who were born via a surrogate in November 2007 - were accidentally given a massive overdose of the blood thinner Heparin two weeks after they were born, but Dennis revealed recently that they have experienced no negative effects as they have grown older.

He said: "They're perfectly normal as could be now. They're like head of their class."

However, the 'Big Easy' star admitted he and his wife went to a "dark place" when their kids were fighting for their lives, but always did their best to stay optimistic.

He added: "You go to a dark place. But you gotta pull yourself away from that, you gotta remain optimistic. But everything turned out OK. We had a happy ending."

Dennis was previously married to Meg Ryan from 1991 to 2001, with whom he has a 25-year-old son Jack and was also married to actress P.J. Soles from 1978 to 1983.