Dennis Quaid is postponing his wedding.

Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid

The 'Parent Trap' actor was set to tie the knot with his fiancée Laura Savoie, 26, later this year, but they've reportedly decided to hold off on getting married just yet, due to "travel issues" that are not believed to be related to the current coronavirus outbreak.

A source told Us Weekly magazine: "Laura and Dennis are postponing their wedding and are telling people it's due to 'travel issues' and not coronavirus."

The outbreak of the virus - which was declared a pandemic earlier this week - has caused the US to ban all Americans from flying to all European countries except the UK and Ireland, and there are several travel bans in place for those looking to head to other hotspot areas, including China, South Korea, and Iran.

Although the couple have reportedly said the postponement of their wedding is not out of fear of spreading the virus, it is unknown whether these travel bans have impacted their planned nuptials.

Dennis, 65, popped the question to the PhD student in October last year during a trip to Turtle Bay in Oahu, Hawaii.

And the actor later insisted he isn't bothered by the 39-year age gap between the two of them, or by comments others make about the difference.

When asked if age gap criticism affects him, the 'Day After Tomorrow' actor said: "No, it really doesn't bother us. I didn't go out looking for an age gap or someone really younger than me. You have no control over who you fall in love with. I don't fall in love easy. But I can't let what a few people think control all that. I've been married three times and this is the final one, I know it is. I feel like I have a real partner in life."

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