Dennis Quaid is considering marrying his girlfriend Santa Auzina.

Santa Auzina and Dennis Quaid

Santa Auzina and Dennis Quaid

The 65-year-old actor - who has been married three times - revealed that he isn't "ruling out" asking the 32-year-old model, who he's been dating since 2016, to tie the knot with him although he has no "current" plans.

When asked whether he was thinking of popping the question, he said: "I never rule out anything - but currently not."

The 'A Dog's Purpose' star was married to actress P. J. Soles for five years in 1978 before wedding Hollywood star Meg Ryan, with whom he has 27-year-old son Jack. Dennis was then married to Kimberly Quaid, who he has 11-year-old twins Thomas and Zoe with before the pair offiicially divorced last year.

The 'Parent Trap' star explained that he doesn't regret any of his relationships and insisted that he's learned to "look back with fondness" at his past romances.

He added to the Metro: "Live and let live. That's really the course of things. I look back at the things I worried about ten years ago and I can't even remember what they were, really. After you've been apart, after relationships end. The once hot emotions mellow over the years and you forget about it. And you look back with fondness."

As for whether his children will follow in his footsteps and become actors, he revealed that although he always knew his son Jack would end up in Hollywood but he never "pushed him".

He said: "Well my oldest Jack, he's 27 and his mother is Meg Ryan and it was very apparent that that was what he was going to do.

"From the time he was four years old he had a video camera in his hand. But we never pushed him to be an actor or anything like that."