Dennis Quaid thinks it is "really time" for Lindsay Lohan to make an acting comeback.

Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid

The 65-year-old actor starred alongside the 32-year-old star in her first ever film, 'The Parent Trap' - in which she played twins Hallie Parker and Annie James - and was blown away by her talent, so thinks she should make another movie, having last been seen on the big screen in 2013's 'The Canyons'.

Dennis said of Lindsay: "One of the most talented people I've ever met at 11 years of age. She took this one as her first film."

And asked if is former co-star - who starred in British comedy series 'Sick Note' last year - should make an acting comeback, he added to 'Extra': "Yeah, I think it's really time."

Lindsay has most recently been seen in her MTV reality show 'Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club', which documented the opening of her Mykonos club, and she recently admitted it was a "challenge" for her to show off her life on screen.

Speaking during the finale of the show, she said: "This summer, I've accomplished so many things. It was a really nice experience having people from America come to Greece and show them a different life. I'm usually behind the scenes there.

"It was really different for me. It was definitely a challenge for me even. It's nice to kind of let loose and shock people and do something fun. I'm sure that people will still find a reason to hate me somehow."

The 'Mean Girls' star - who also has clubs in Athens and Rhodes - previously admitted how "scary" it has been being filmed running a business and "handling people" on screen.

She said: "When the cameras were on I was very nervous, because I also have to handle the club.

"So I was a little bit shy and timid.

"When I'm doing a movie, that's my job.

"When I'm running the club, that's my job.

"Handling people I've never met before is not my job. "So it was a very multi-tasking situation. But it was nice.

"I like understanding people and teaching them, so it felt really good for me. But it was definitely scary!"