Denise Richards says her dad questioned if there was "something not right" when her ex Charlie Sheen brought a "hooker" to their Thanksgiving dinner.

Denise Richards

Denise Richards

The 48-year-old actress recently revealed the 'Anger Management' star - who she was married to from 2002 until 2006 - once brought a lady of the night to the meal, and she has now said her father Irv Richards was surprised to find he wasn't receiving much back while trying to make "friendly conversation" with the woman.

Speaking on the 'Daddy Issues' podcast, she said: "My dad was seated next to her sort of-ish and he came up to me while we were all talking and stuff and he goes, 'I think there's something not right with that woman.'

"I go, 'Oh, OK. Why do you say that?' He goes, 'Well, I keep trying to talk to her and she just doesn't say anything and I'm just being friendly, making conversation.'

"I said, 'Dad, dad, she's a hooker, so don't ask her any questions.' "

And Denise said her dad responded: "'What?!' He's like, 'She's a hooker?' And I said, 'Yeah, what do you think? They don't always dress in fishnets and lingerie, dad.'

"And then he was just like, 'That Charlie.' And then he goes, 'Well, that was nice of you to invite her in for dinner.' "

Denise recently admitted she was shocked when Charlie - with whom she has daughters Sam, 15, and Lola, 14 - turned up for the dinner and said he was leaving a prostitute in his car in the driveway.

She explained: "Charlie came over for Thanksgiving for dinner a few years ago and he had a hooker in a car in the driveway, and he was afraid to tell me.

"'I said, 'I'll set a f***ing plate.' Even a hooker deserves to have Thanksgiving dinner!"

And Charlie has since confirmed he did bring a "lady of the night" to her Thanksgiving dinner.

In a statement written the form of a poem via his publicist Jeff Ballard, he wrote: "Yes, her story regarding Thanksgiving is absolutely true.

"The turkey I brought was, in fact, a lady of the night and a bit of a harlot.

"The thighs were especially robust."