Debbie Rowe

Debbie Rowe

Debbie Rowe threatened to sue Michael Jackson's doctor over accusations she stole Demerol to supply to the late star.

Debbie Rowe got involved in a bitter war of words with dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein - who introduced Debbie to Michael after being employed as a nurse by him in the 1980s - on Twitter, after he alleged she took the powerful painkillers from his practice to feed the singer's addiction.

In his blog on Monday (22.09.13), Arnold wrote: "Debbie Rowe was giving Michael Demerol she stole from my office. She is a fraud! Just look at here."

Debbie - who is mother to two of Michael's kids, Prince,16, and 15-year-old Paris - strongly denied the claims in a series of furious tweets by insisting Klein was trying to deflect from what she believes is his involvement in the events that ultimately led to Michael's death from acute Propofol intoxication in June 2009.

She wrote: "So Klein wants to accuse me of stealing a controlled substance hmmmm I should probably be in prison since it's a felony yet I'm not.

"You can't stop the truth it's an injustice that Klein will never be tried for his involvement. He is a spineless enigma with a deadly touch. (sic)"

When a Twitter user asked her if she would take legal action the over "false" claims, Debbie replied: "I'm gonna."

The accusations come after Debbie had blamed Dr. Klein for fuelling Michael's drug addiction when she appeared in court during Katherine Jackson's billion dollar lawsuit against concert promoters AEG Live in July.

Katherine is suing the company for damages for their alleged role in the wrongful death of her son.

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