David Gandy's life "revolves around" his daughter Matilda.

David Gandy

David Gandy

The 39-year-old model has his 14-month-old daughter with his girlfriend Stephanie Mendoros, and has said his morning routine completely revolves around the tot, as he'll be the one to get up in the morning to "be with her" whilst his partner takes over at breakfast time.

He said: "Mornings revolve around Matilda. She's a good sleeper, but she wakes up between five and six, so I'll go into her room to be with her for an hour or so. My partner, Steph, calls it a teddy bears' picnic because I end up with bears all around me. Then Steph will take over and give her breakfast, while I'll go back to bed for a nap."

David isn't used to having a routine as he spent so much time on the road whilst modelling, but now strives to stay at home as often as possible in order to be with his daughter.

He added: "It's strange having a routine as I didn't really have one for 17 years [while I was modelling]. You always had a bag packed ready to go, but I don't think it's fair to travel so much now I'm a dad."

And when he does have to leave the house, the hunk brings Matilda with him.

Speaking to The Sunday Times magazine, he said: "I've never been a breakfast person. I just live off coffee in the mornings, so once I'm up - usually by eight - I'll take Dora [the dog] for a five-mile walk in Richmond Park. Matilda comes everywhere with me, so I'll take her in the papoose. Piers Morgan said they're unmanly, but Daniel Craig wears one and if it's good enough for James Bond, it's good enough for me. We don't have childcare, we manage looking after Matilda between us - but we've only got one child at the moment."

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