David Gandy doesn't think he is "particularly good looking".

David Gandy

David Gandy

The 37-year-old model may be stunning in his campaigns for brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, but he doesn't see what all the fuss is about because he has his own insecurities which prevent him from thinking he's overly handsome.

Asked what he would do if he woke up one day to find he was no longer attractive, David said: "I wouldn't worry about it, but I don't see myself as particularly good looking anyway. I think I'd be pretty weird if I looked in the mirror and went 'F**k me, I'm good looking.' I just look in the mirror and go 'If this nose gets any bigger, it's going to be touching the glass.' We all have our hang-ups."

One thing David isn't concerned with, however, is ageing, as he is enjoying nearing the time in his life where he can get away with being "a grumpy old man".

He added: "Ageing isn't a problem to me. I enjoy being in my 30s much more. In my 20s I was worried about what people thought. When I turned 30, I though 'This is me, this is what you get, whether you accept that or not.' But I've always been a bit of a grumpy old man, so now I'm getting to the age where I can be an actual grumpy old man."

And the British hunk is already hard at work becoming grumpy, as he says "many things" already get his blood boiling.

When asked by Notebook magazine what makes him grumpy, David said: "Oh many things. Bike lanes mainly at the moment, they annoy me when I'm driving."

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