David Furnish thinks Taron Egerton embodied Sir Elton John "on a molecular level" in 'Rocketman'.

David Furnish

David Furnish

The 57-year-old filmmaker is married to Elton and worked as a producer on the 2019 biographical film based on the music legend, and has praised lead actor Taron's "tremendous job" in embodying the "spirit" of his spouse.

Speaking on the red carpet of the 2020 BAFTAs at Royal Albert Hall in London on Sunday (02.02.20), he said: "Somebody said to me Taron became Elton on a molecular level and I think that was the most amazing complement. Because I watch the film and I look at him up on screen and it feels like Elton's spirit. It's Taron being Elton - he doesn't look exactly like him, he doesn't sing exactly like him, but the spirit is just so spot on. It's so brave and so courageous for him to do that, and I thought he did a tremendous job."

And David couldn't be more "proud" of the finished movie, which is nominated for four gongs at the awards ceremony, including Best British Film, Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Makeup and Hair, and Best Sound.

He added: "I'm incredibly proud. And relieved actually. To make a film about your husband's life is a huge responsibility and it's the sort of thing we absolutely worked so hard to get right."

The star never considered the possibility of the movie not being well received, because he was too focused on "getting the job done".

Asked if he was ever worried about the project, he said: "You can't allow yourself to think like that. You have to go forward and do the best job and follow your instincts, and make sure you're reflecting the spirit of the person you know to the best of you're ability. It wasn't really until afterwards when it was so well received that I was like 'Wow, imagine if it had gone the other way.' And that's the only time I ever allowed myself to think like that, because you just have to focus on getting the job done."