Daniel Radcliffe wants to star in 'Sharknado 3'.

Daniel Radcliffe would like to star in 'Sharknado 3'

The 'Harry Potter' actor is a big fan of the cult TV movie franchise and would be delighted to make a cameo appearance in the next film, but only if his character meets a grizzly end.

A source told the New York Daily News newspaper's [email protected] column: "Ian [Ziering] was backstage at the 'Today' show, and he asked Daniel Radcliffe if he would be in it. Daniel said he loved the film and said he would do it if they found an amazing way for him to die."

Ian's 'Sharknado' co-star Tara Reid recently admitted she only took on a role in the first movie, which sees a freak hurricane swamp Los Angeles with hundreds of deadly sharks terrorising its residents, as a"joke" and was stunned by its popularity.

She said: "I'm just as stunned as everyone else. Come on, I did it as a joke! I didn't even think anyone was going to see it. And then what happened has never happened before on any movie. Even now, you thought the buzz was going to stop about 'Sharknado', but it just keeps going."

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