Dan Aykroyd and Carrie Fisher considered starting a family together.

Dan Aykroyd

Dan Aykroyd

The 'Ghostbusters' star began dating the late Hollywood legend in 1978 after meeting on 'Saturday Night Live' and after they got engaged in 1980, they talked about having children.

Speaking at a public memorial service for Carrie in Los Angeles, Dan said: "Although Carrie and I did not get married, we had taken blood tests in anticipation of maybe having a child and a doctor in Chicago took them for us. Because babies and Christmas were great joys for Carrie.

"So what would the offspring of Princess Leia and Elwood Blues have turned out like Funny, quick, spiritual, haunted, pursued, talented, acerbic, deviant, genius, tech motor device engine and music savvy - in other words, we would have had [Carrie's brother] Todd Fisher."

Dan also spoke about Carrie leaving him for Paul Simon, who she went on to marry.

He said:" She had long conversations on the phone in my presence with Paul Simon, with whom she was attempting to reconcile at the time of my relationship with her. Here I found myself in love with a woman who was returning to a former intimate, and might I say a much better choice. But a woman who confided deeply in me and who valued my counsel.

"Throughout the process of her decision to not marry me and wed another, the reward for my unwavering support in whatever decision she wanted to do was the time I had with her as a trusted friend and fellow night hawk."

And Dan, 64, admitted he felt responsible for the death of Carrie, 60, last year, because he thought he might have been able to save her if they were together.

He said: "I feel responsible in part myself for why Carrie is not with us today because I once saved her life applying the Heimlich to dislodge a Brussels sprout. If I had been with our beloved showboat I might have been able to save her again."